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About Us

'Hanaro Food' is a company founded in 24th of October, the day also known as United Nations Day, in 2011.

First, Let me introduce interesting story about polished and hulled rice.

Have you heard of a bird called Tree Sparrow? When both polished and hulled rice were given to Tree Sparrow, he ate hulled rice without any hesitation. Polished rice was not even an option for him.
According to modern science experiments, hulled rice is composed of embryo bud of rice with 66% of nutrient component while polished rice recorded 5%, and it clearly explains why Tree Sparrow chose the latter.

In matter of fact, in hulled rice, ratio of the embryo bud of rice stays only 1%, which means that there is only 1 gram of embryo bud in 1 kilo-gram of hulled rice. But, interestingly, this 1 gram makes change in our body. In this 1 gram of embryo bud, there are nutrients that strengthen and maintain our immunity and health system.
It shows that hulled rice, and its embryo bud is promising food for mankinds. Accordingly, it is already produced and sold om OEM by GMP facilities-equipped-pharmaceutical companies and is officially registered to FDA. Furthermore, its safety is proved by various chemical experiments including heavy metal, pesticide residue and various nutrients carried out by certified laboratories in United States.

There is a quote in the East, that 'it cannot be healed in the hospital, if it cannot be cured by foods'. There's another saying, 'skilled doctor is not one who cure disease, but one who prevent disease'.
By taking embryo bud of rice consistently, you can strengthen your immunity and would not be exposed to diseases, including adult diseases. Most of health functional foods have pros and cons, but once you experience this product yourself, you will find out its exclusive and sole value.
This is why I call embryo bud, the 'seed of life'.

Why don't you join with me, to the exclusive and sole value?
nThe only reason of 'Hanaro Food Corporation'.

Thank you.